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We store Truck Parts
for those Transporter Partners, who need immediate service, and who do not want to spend extra cost and space for spare Parts!


Let us to briefly introduce the dieselDR Ltd. Some thoughts about the company’s history, profiles, and the objectives:


Our company, the dieselDR is 100% Hungarian-owned company since 1993, and deals with the distribution of road commercial vehicle components and parts.


Today, our company has become a dominant player on the domestic commercial vehicle spare part market, thanks to the several year- long thrust of our Partners.


During the past 20 years, our company has evolved considerably. Gyöngyös store and shop was set up in 1993, than Budapest site was established in 1997, later Eger site in 2000, and than Miskolc site in 2009.


From January 2006 dieselDR has become the authorized hungarian representative of Walter Gondrom GmbH, as distributor of silo and tanker-car fittings. For furthermore dieselDR has extended its suppliers with a wide range of high-quality spare parts manufacturer and dealer company, -with the DIESEL TECHNIC SPARE PARTS. So we have become a members of a far-sighted successful association.
The dieselDR Ltd. is the authorized dealer in Hungary of whole trailer product palette of the DIESEL TECHNIC SPARE PARTS brand.


Our strategy is based on long-term cooperation, and conditions:


  • Competitive pricing, which reduces our partners’ costs,
  • Quality products that aim to increase the satisfaction of our clients,
  • Quick and accurate service, reducing the vehicle downtime.
  • Flexible adaptation to the market demands and Your needs,
  • Favourable conditions for payment.


In order to serve our customers even better, our well trained employees play an important role. Our service is constantly improving, based on market demands. Since 12. 11. 2001 we have had MSZ EN ISO 9001: 2001 Quality Management System, and since 2011 we have had ISO 14001:2005 Quality Management System.


Our store selection is developed by taking into consideration Your preferences. We provide full range of spare parts supply for Iveco, MAN, Mercedes-Benz, DAF, Volvo, Renault and Scania truck vehicles, for buses, for BPW and SAF trailer axles, and for silo and tanker superstructures.


Our commercial activities include, Iveco, MAN, Mercedes-Benz factory parts, silo and tanker-car fittings, Diesel Technic Spare Parts, Donaldson, DON, Juratek, Samko BlackTech, Proplast, All-Ride products, as well as BP and ENI (Agip) lubricants.